Having worked with Kristine for over two years, I can, without hesitation, recommend her wholeheartedly. Her empathic understanding and connection to my development requirements was incredibly insightful and allowed me to gain a greater understanding of where I needed to focus my energies. She was clear with her advice and could quickly cut through to the important elements that needed to be addressed. She worked with me thoughtfully, patiently and without pretension. She referenced articles and materials that were relevant, showing a deep breadth of resource knowledge. I am an improved and more well rounded person due to my work with Kristine.

Financial Executive  |  Global Fashion Company

My work with Kristine as an executive coach has fundamentally changed how I work, how I communicate and how I live for the better. It is not an exaggeration to say that I have evolved as a human being as a result of this work and this partnership. I’m deeply grateful.  

Leader  |  Global Public Relations Firm

When I started working with Kristine I was in a career rut and felt very stuck. She helped me better understand my motivations and shift me onto a different track, one that has been more fulfilling. At the same time, she showed me where I was getting in my own way, and helped me evolve my own behavior – in a way still authentic to who I am. I learn something from every conversation with Kristine and am always excited to see her. I’ve referred her to numerous people and the Kristine fan club keeps growing. 

Leader  |  Global Public Relations Firm

When we engaged Kismet Consulting, we were looking for rigor and structure in our business planning process. Kismet provided depth, insight and a firm knowledge of business that exceeded our expectations. Kristine Steinberg worked with our Principals on increasing communication which resulted in more direct and constructive dialogue throughout the business planning process. Next, she facilitated a team workshop to help us identify the core values of our organization. These values continue to be the foundation of our business plan and we now benchmark our growth decisions against these values. We are now executing on our business plan, and continue to engage with Kismet for consulting on important executive hiring decisions and executive coaching. The assessments Kismet uses provide invaluable data that help us focus of the specific characteristics we want from job candidates and help us determine if those traits are present. I recommend Kismet Consulting without hesitation.

President  |  Federal Street Advisors 

Kristine is a candid combination of intelligence and charm – With her strong educational background and deep experience in the corporate world; she helped clear a path from good to great in regards to both my business goals and in addressing personal obstacles which stood in the way of my success. She challenged me to be honest, to set goals, and monitor my achievements. She took my natural capacity to drive myself hard and helped me re-language how I pursued success. With Kristine, I learned that success does not come in spite of, it comes because of. She is an amazing person, easy to partner with, empathetic and challenging. Under her coaching, I negotiated and accepted a significant promotion, altered personal circumstances which were keeping me small, and ultimately developed a strong sense of comfort in being successful, recognizing that I deserved it. I couldn't recommend her enough. 

Director  |  Footbridge Company

Kristine is only in her second year working for us, but she has a strong impact. She works with one of our top leaders who has not been privately coached for over 15 years. He originally agreed to "try" coaching somewhat skeptically as part of a pilot program launched for senior leadership.

Through her sincere and effective approach, she has created a trusting relationship that has seen changes in his leadership approach, style and openness to be collaborative. When I recently asked how things were working with the coach, and offered that there were others available if the match was not there for him, he said simply, "No, Kristine is my coach."

In addition, Kristine has run workshops for us on Communications Style. As a construction company, our culture is not one where soft skill topics are embraced. People are not comfortable talking about themselves, but run a session on "excavation" and you'll have a packed house. However, several participants remarked to me that this was the best session they have attended all year
, and Kristine consistently received 5's (out of a top score of 5) on her evaluations.

Kristine is a wonderful balance between business and warmth. She gets things accomplished, she understands what I need as her client, and she follows up with questions until she is clear. On the other side, though, she has a quick laugh, and through this can make a very real connection. 

Director of Special Projects  |  Leading Construction Company 

Other career coaches ask questions like "what do you like to do?" and then recommend an industry or career. Kristine digs deeper, she allowed me to discover what truly motivates me. Working with Kristine gave me the opportunity to assess what I value in my professional and personal life, which gave me a strong context to assess job prospects. Instead of jumping into another job, I was able to make a conscious choice and keep "the grass is greener" in perspective. 

Kristine is one of the best listeners I know. I've never even met her in person, yet she genuinely empathizes with me in my career and personal goals. She seemed to know the right questions to ask and let me move towards self-discovery then offered ideas and solutions at appropriate times. Everyone should have a chance to work with Kristine to realize their values and move towards a rewarding career. 

VP, Managing Director  |  Harvard Business School MBA

Since beginning to work with Kristine five months ago, I have experienced many positive changes in my outlook on life whether it be in my career, my relationships with others or my relationship with myself. Kristine established an honest, open and positive coaching experience right from the start. She has encouraged me to be more real with myself (something I have struggled with over the years) by challenging my thoughts and providing useful feedback, advice and assignments to work on. Throughout my months of coaching, I have learned to focus my thoughts more strategically as well as to see all angles of a situation. Kristine has provided me with exercises to help get at the core of the issues and is always readily available by email for additional coaching. I feel I have made tremendous progress to date and I look forward working with Kristine in the future so that I may continue to learn, grow and develop into the person I hope to be.

Human Resource Professional  |  Staples 

I never thought I would need, or feel comfortable getting advice about my workplace behavior. At work, I was having difficulty communicating to colleagues. What I saw as working in a team was perceived by others as giving orders. I was unapproachable by fellow workers and unsatisfied with my job. My company offered me executive coaching as a solution, and I saw nothing to lose in going through with it. 

At first, I did not want to admit that the problem was mine or that executive coaching was the answer. There could not have been a better person to alleviate my fears about coaching than Kristine Steinberg at Kismet Consulting.  Kristine has a welcoming demeanor which immediately put me at ease on my first visit. Further, she has a focused attention to uncover the problem and navigate the obstacles specific to the issue, all the while in a comfortable atmosphere

Each aspect of the problem is addressed in a respectful manner conducive to openness and self-examination, to facilitate one's desire for positive change. Kristine helped me understand the negative elements of my behavior in a nonjudgmental way, so I could take the steps necessary to become a better person at work and for myself, regardless of the issue. 

With the help of Kismet Consulting, I became a better employee at my company, happier in my work, and more approachable. All of my colleagues noticed the improvement, even though they had no idea how. Easier and more effective communication at work contributed to more confidence and harmony both on and off the job, in work and in the rest of life. 

Furthermore, with Kristine's guidance, I realized that my best work potential is apart from my employer, as a freelance consultant. Kismet Consulting invested in my betterment beyond the expectations of the employer that sent me there, to make me a better person. Kismet Consulting focuses on the needs of the person, not just the needs of the company whose employee they refer. I remained happily with my employer months longer than I would have if it were not for Kismet Consulting. Also, I was able to leave my employer to freelance, amicably, with an unburned bridge intact, which would not have been possible without Kismet Consulting.

Production Director  |  Premier Advertising/Branding Agency 

Kristine's coaching style is personalized, thought-provoking and enormously effective. Her coaching services were offered as part of our organizational learning program within the company and it became a key element of our executive development process for building, refining the team dynamic. Kristine's counsel has been of tremendous value to me professionally — helping me to pave my next chapter, lead with inspiration and I look forward to continuing my work with her. 

Founder  |  The TED Institute & CEO, TNgLE 

Kristine’s work with our newly formed executive team over the past year has been nothing short of transformative. We went from a group of highly motivated, friendly, individual overachievers to a super charged TEAM – one that is able to pivot seamlessly and achieve extraordinary results: fueled by trust, mutual respect and a common purpose. 

Leader  |  Global Public Relations Firm

Kristine has an extraordinary ability to see into personal strengths, weaknesses and conflicts, and then brilliantly synthesize how to make positive changes using those distinct, authentic traits. Her insights are profound, compassionate — and liberatingly practical. Every session she "got" and shared the precise and clarifying answer to questions I hadn't known to ask. She makes the next steps not just obvious, but simple and even fun.

Executive Communications  |  TED NY

Kristine provided invaluable strategic and tactical support as I explored new opportunities after several years in consulting. From helping me focus my search efforts, to providing coaching as I prepared for interviews, to offering perspective as I weighed offers, Kristine was a skillful and committed coach whose support was instrumental to a positive outcome for my search.

Consultant  |  Top tier management consulting firm

Kismet Consulting's services were an enormous help to several account teams during an intensely stressful time.  Her advice on communicating with clients enabled us to handle difficult situations in a way that not only defused the situations, but also helped the teams maintain a positive morale.  Her approach provided a rational method to address emotional issues among our staff and between our staff and clients.  Kristine is very sensitive to spoken and non-verbal cues in a charged environment.  Her counsel on client communications and ways to depersonalize business interactions are lessons those who worked with her will carry with them throughout their careers.

Leader  |  Global Public Relations Firm

While receiving career coaching from Kristine, I found her to display the perfect combination of warmth, enthusiasm and professionalism. Using a combination of assessment tools, discussion and visualization techniques, she was able to bring me to a greater place of clarity and start me down a path of positive forward momentum. I’d hire her again, or recommend her to anyone I know, in a heartbeat!

Senior Associate Director, Office of Career Services  |  The Fletcher School, Tufts University

As a highly skilled and intuitive third-party observer, Kristine has been a key factor in my progress at work over the last 6 months. When we started working together, I was having considerable difficulties with a controlling CEO who was more focused on breaking people down, rather than building them up. Although changing the CEO's behavior was obviously not an option, learning to change my own reactions to his behaviors was not. Kristine was great at helping me identify the core issues, set goals, and successfully change the way I respond to key situations. 

She is there during the "execution phase" which I find very valuable. We correspond via e-mail on a daily basis and she responds promptly with recommendations that are on-target that I can act on immediately. I was initially skeptical of a person's ability to understand all of the complexities of my situation in enough detail to help me with my situation. Kristine is amazing at this. It is almost like she works at my company! The progress we have made has made my career much more rewarding and I can see doors opening for myself on a weekly basis.

Business Development Manager MIT/Sloan MBA  |  Specialized Engineering Company 

When I first started working with Kristine I was in a serious professional rut and I was letting that disappointment negatively affect other areas of my life. My workday was so hard to endure that by the end of it I neither had the energy nor the proper mindset to enjoy life after work. Although my primary goal was to find a new job that would alleviate this cycle of negativity, Kristine helped me realize that this process may take some time. She helped me set some smaller goals that helped me feel happier and more productive in the short term. By shifting my attitude, getting out to the gym and regaining a sense of self beyond work, I was able to identify what I wanted to do next. 

Armed with a new attitude and an effective job search strategy, I exuded more confidence externally and ended up with several job offers in much more desirable jobs. In a few short months I now have a new job in the industry I was targeting and I already feel a sense of satisfaction and purpose that I was desperately seeking in my last job. 

My experience working with Kristine has been nothing short of fantastic. I was really impressed with her attention to detail and thoroughness; the background information she gleaned from day 1 played an instrumental role in creating the right strategy and plan for me. Kristine provides a constant and positive voice throughout the whole process. I always felt better about myself after each interaction with her. I enthusiastically recommend Kristine’s coaching services to anyone who wants to immediately make positive and meaningful changes in their life…personally and professionally.

Senior Corporate Counsel  |  JD/MBA-Boston College  |  Innovative Technology Company

I am certain that I would not have had the motivation, clarity and enthusiasm to move forward without having worked with Kristine! For years I really felt hopeless about my options... I would just sit at my desk feeling confused and overwhelmed. Kristine not only helped me identify a potential career that I will find more rewarding and more reflective of who I am, but has given me the knowledge and understanding of what held me back in the first place.

Senior Manager  |  American Expresss 

Working with Kristine was by far one of the best investments I have ever made in my life. I went to Kristine during a very difficult time in my life hoping to gain more insight on relationships, family, life, personal and professional goals. Her grace, style, charisma, genuine nature, and goal-setting attitude sold me on the coaching process. During our weekly sessions she continuously helped me to find ways to strengthen many of the relationships I had with friends, family, coworkers and myself. I also started doing things that I had never done before: skydiving, golf lessons, cooking lessons, yoga, pilates, hiking, running, volunteering for the Big Sister program, art collages, party planning...you name it, I tried it. It was primarily due to Kristine inspiring me to figure out exactly what my interests were and what motivated me most.

Throughout this process, I not only realized what some of my favorite things were, but I also realized there was a whole world out there I was not tapping into. Kristine helped me realize that nothing is unattainable. Since our work together I have started a business doing something I absolutely love. The name of the company is Party-fly. I create invitations, greeting cards, stationery and custom design events and parties. After recently presenting my products at the National Stationery Show in NYC, I had 7 retailers sign on to sell my products; business continues to grow daily. I also ran the Boston Marathon 2006 and raised $11,000 for Dana Farber in honor of my father who battled Cancer and who, thank goodness, is still with us today.

"Miracles don't just happen. You need a bunch of mini-miracles along the way. Eventually, they add up. So do the heroes." I found this quote in an article written after the Red Sox won the World Series and it reminds me of Kristine. Kristine is one of my greatest heroes. She was with me through the hard times as well as all the mini-miracles along the way. She helped me to see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I am constantly telling people about how much she has helped me. I only wish I would have worked with her sooner in my life. 

Global Art Director  |  Bain & Company

Kristine has been my coach for the past 6 months. During that time she has been a powerful ally in my quest for personal and professional advancement. With her help I have made the transition from a confused 20-something, to a goal-oriented and highly motivated professional. Kristine has a unique gift for using discussion to help people consider things in new ways, and this allowed me the opportunity to discover my strengths and embrace my weaknesses. I can truly say that my life has been forever changed through my work with her

Accountant  |  Bain Capital

Kristine provided invaluable strategic and tactical support as I explored new opportunities after several years in consulting. From helping me focus my search efforts, to providing coaching as I prepared for interviews, to offering perspective as I weighed offers, Kristine is a skillful and committed coach, who made me feel simultaneously supported and stretched to achieve my full potential. I'm so grateful for having had the opportunity to work with Kristine! 

Consultant - MIT Sloan MBA  |  Top-Tier Management Consulting Firm

Kristine is an extremely valued partner to Edelman, working with executive teams and individuals on leadership and team development. Kristine’s investment in understanding our business and culture has led to highly-customized and effective programs that meet our unique needs and opportunities.  

Leader  l  Global Public Relations Firm   

In your personal life, family and friends care for, listen to and advise you with your best interests in mind. In your professional life, it's more challenging to receive the same type of knowledgeable support — especially if you are a leader of an organization. Kristine fills that gap as a deeply rooted professional advisor for leaders. She gets to know your business needs, company culture and relationship dynamics while helping you advocate for yourself and for your team(s) in a productive manner for the business at-large. She retains a sharp focus on 'why' (the multitude of motivations driving all the people involved in your business) and 'how' (the most productive actions to take) involved to attain your next tier of goals as it's easy for management to get lost in the day-to-day 'what' to keep the business running. It was always a pleasure working with Kristine as she would help me take a step back, reflect and plan against the bigger picture of the businesses I managed, my growth as a leader and keeping perspective in my overall career.

Leader  |  Digital Marketing & Technology

Kristine connects very easily and quickly with people as she asks just the right questions to get to the heart of a situation. She has been very successful in solving serious and complicated issues for some of our employees as Kristine takes a sincere interest in the person as a human being first and then looks for ways to solve the problem. In short, she is a delight to work with and a true professional in every sense of the word!

HR Director  |  Bain & Company

I had never used a career coach before interacting with Kristine. I turned to her at a point in my career when I felt dissatisfied with my current profession and future direction. She was of great assistance in me taking stock of my real interests and capabilities on which to build. 

Before working with her, I had effectively based my career options on my past experience rather than what I truly wanted to do. She helped me "marry" my real interests with my abilities and I am now on a career path that is much more fulfilling than before. I attribute Kristine’s ability to help me primarily to her listening skills as well as her ability to offer insightful advice based on what she understands about her clients as individuals.

Managing Director  |  Prestigious Consulting Practice-Asia 

I will always be thankful that I had the chance to work with Kristine. Her coaching sessions guided me through a very difficult point in my life. I had some personal issues going on and I was having a hard time working through them. Kristine helped me recognize which issues were the most important to focus on and then helped me set up goals. From that point, we spoke on the phone three times a month. Her knowledge, empathy & her ability to help me believe in myself encouraged me to achieve my goals

One of the goals I achieved was quitting smoking — I have not had a cigarette in almost a year and a half. Another great bonus in working with Kristine is her wide range of experience - even though I was focusing on a few areas in particular and she was able to deal with any type of issue that I threw out at her. One thing that really worked for me in Kristine's coaching was that it was task oriented — I always left our phone calls with new ideas, tasks and goals as well as great advice. I look back and see how different I view myself and my life from before I worked Kristine. It is much more positive and it has given me the ability t
o deal with issues on my own.

Business Analyst  |  Fidelity Investments 

I initially called Kristine when I found myself waging an internal battle regarding my professional abilities. On one hand, I knew myself as a successful, competent worker with a great deal of possibility and promise in my future. Yet I had this 'gremlin' (as Kristine and I came to call the other voice) that persisted in telling me that I was not –enough” (good enough, smart enough, educated enough, etc) to succeed. Kristine's intuition and ability to read between the lines (or hear behind the words) is remarkable. She is the ideal guide as she nudges you along, asks that you take a break, pushes you to go further or suggests a path you never imagined existed. I am so grateful for my work with Kristine, because, while the gremlin may never go away, his voice is no longer prevalent, his negative assessments no longer heeded. Without buying into the destructive internal commentary I found the positive beliefs had a chance to flourish. I am now at a new job, enjoying confidence and credibility in a way that would not have been possible a year ago.

Enthusiastic, sympathetic, empathetic and wise, there is no doubt that Kristine is extremely well trained in the field of coaching, and her professionalism is exemplary. Yet what makes her truly amazing as a coach is how unerringly relatable she makes herself. She is, alternately, a cheerleader, an inexhaustible ear to bend, a mentor, a confidante, an objective observer, a resource and a friend. She is in a word — a success and she makes certain that you are as well. 

Event Planning-Assistant Manager  |  Wequassett Inn, Chatham-AAA, 4 Diamond Resort, Preferred Hotels of the World 

I was embarking on a very exciting time in my life both personally and professionally but was dealing with some negative energy in my work environment.  An ongoing conflict with a coworker/business partner was monopolizing my concentration and affecting my productivity.  I felt stuck in a situation that caused me to have doubts and concerns about my ability to have a symbiotic, professional relationship with this person. I found myself thinking about work on the weekends and stressing about the complexity of this relationship.  This conflict was certainly taking a toll on me.

I began working with Kristine when I realized that any of my attempts to improve this relationship were not going to be successful.  My goal in enlisting the help of a career coach was to deal with this one problem. What I experienced with Kristine was much more that that.

Kristine and I began our sessions with a very detailed and revealing personality assessment.  This was the most powerful lesson for me. As much as I thought I knew myself, I learned how people perceive me and I gained a better understanding of the root of the conflict I was having.  Kristine asked probing questions and helped guide me to make my own conclusions about my interactions with people. With her help I was able to see my contribution to the problem I was having with my coworker and began focusing on solutions, rather than the problem itself. 

What evolved was my ability to deal with difficult people and situations in a much more graceful, direct, and professional manner.  I have been able to apply the strategies I have learned to many other areas of my life and have enjoyed the benefits immensely. I feel more focused when I am at work and an overall improvement in my personal and professional life balance.  Kristine also challenged me to set personal goals as well and I feel great since I have started working out again.

I was not looking to quantify my experience with Kristine by increasing revenue or attaining new clients. I was simply looking to reduce the stress in my work environment and enjoy going to work everyday.  With Kristine’s help I have achieved this.

Business Owner  |  School of Dental Medicine – Tufts University